Film Screening & Discussion: Animal-Human Hybrids in Science Cinema

Biologist-Filmmaker Alexis Gambis will give a talk on October 11, 2018 to the Animal Studies program at New York University. More info here.

This evening explores the blurred lines between humans, animals and technology.  The crossing of boundaries, geographically and biologically, reveals more about ourselves than we ever thought.  Beyond our fears and hopes, we turn to animals, most of the times against their will, to understand who we are, in a world in flux. Three unique human-animal hybrids speak back to us about global warming, immigration genetic engineering, and on how we can save humanity, if at all.

When Butterflies Speak: Film Screening & Conversation

Join us for a screening of the Monarch Butterfly Trilogy films with director and biologist Alexis Gambis, followed by a discussion about how butterflies have shaped our politics, rituals, artistic endeavors and scientific pursuits.

Arnaud Martin from George Washington will lead a talk on butterfly wing color and formation entitled "Do Butterflies Dream of Genetic Tattoos?"

Screening of Butterfly Trilogy in Angangueo

On Sunday March 18, Son of Monarchs director and producers will come to Angangueo in Michoacan, Mexico as part of the Monarch Festival that happens every year to celebrate the departure of the Monarchs and their return north to the United States. The films will be presented to local community, many of whom participated in the film, a trilogy of short films shot in the Butterfly Sanctuaries. This event officially kicks-off the pre-production of the feature film Son of Monarchs that will be shot in Angangueo, Mexico